Artz4Life is dedicated to bringing creative and enriching art experiences to older individuals and audiences.

Art lifts one's spirits, relaxes and renews, creates a sense of accomplishment, and stimulates neurological pathways from the brain and hand.

Art can spark connections, observation and expressions in people with dementia or memory loss.

The artwork created can pull us into the world of an individual with Dementia. As we look at their paintings, we see their stories in a language that needs no words. Their paintings show us glimpses of who they were and who they still are. They call out to us in a way we cannot ignore.’

(Memories in the making - L. Heinly)

The making of art expresses feelings and emotions trapped inside. The ensuing sense of accomplishment brings renewed joy and self-respect to the maker.

Artz4Life a ‘not for profit’ social enterprise working in the Arts for older people. It is an offshoot of ‘ArtTree’, a festival and educational arts programme. We are a group of people with a vision; professionals, artists, teachers and people who work with those who are affected by Dementia. We celebrate the strong emotional connections that only the experience of creativity can provide.

  It has long been our vision to take creative activities to older people affected by dementia be it into care homes, day centres or community centres.

Given the importance of art, music, dance, theatre literature and poetry in people’s lives and their central role in society and community. Creative arts offers a widely available non pharmacological approach to promoting the health and wellbeing of people with dementia. Engaging with the creative arts enhances self-esteem reduces isolation, and promotes social inclusion for people with dementia besides offering joy pleasure and fun for the individual, carers, families and communities.

  Our values are about encouraging people’s strengths, supporting people to live well with Dementia

Artz4Life Ltd.

Winswood Burrington Umberleigh Devon EX37 9JN

Tel. 01769 520212